Where are you located?

I work at Tenderfoot Studio, a by-appointment-only studio located within the Bindery Annex at 2117 NE Oregon St, #501, in Portland, Oregon.

How do I schedule an appointment or consultation? 

Fill out and submit your tattoo proposal using the form on my Booking page.

After reviewing submitted proposals, I will notify you via email about the status of your proposal's acceptance. If I accept your proposal for this booking period, I will share my calendar with you so you can fit yourself into my schedule with the date and time that works best for you according to my availability. When you select your date, you will be prompted to secure your appointment with a non-refundable* $50 deposit. Your deposit will ultimately be subtracted from the cost of your tattoo upon payment at the studio.

Once you have selected a date and secured your appointment via deposit, your appointment is confirmed, and I will be in touch for your consultation the week of your appointment! (See next question)

*This is a booking policy change as of November 2017 intended to discourage people from booking appointments which they cannot keep. I currently work as an appointment-only artist, so cancellations are both incredibly inconvenient for me, and inconsiderate of potential clients who wanted to book with me. I hope that by making deposits non-refundable, I will discourage people from "placeholding" appointment slots in my calendar, and clients will book their appointments with more intention to follow through. Thank you for your understanding that deposits will no longer be refunded to cancelled appointments, even with sufficient notice.

How does an email consultation work?

My consultation process is done via email, beginning with your submitted proposal form. When your proposal is accepted and your appointment confirmed, I will email you any thoughts and questions I have about your proposal. I welcome you to send me any references you have and your own drawings and mock-ups at this time. I ask that you please contact me with any significant changes to your proposal (ie, scale or subject matter) in this initial round of emails. When the week of your appointment date arrives, I will follow up with any additional questions about your design I may have. This is our email consultation. 

Do you do in-person consultations?

Unfortunately, because I am currently booking all custom work, I do not have time in my schedule to accommodate in-person consultations. If this is something you are extremely uncomfortable with, I am willing to consider setting up an in-person meeting, but it is important for you to know that this is not a common practice for me. I am confident that the email and sketch consultation process is sufficient for most custom work.

Will I be able to see sketches and/or make changes to my design before my appointment?

Only if you opt in for the "sketch consultation." The sketch consultation process is my standard procedure for custom work.

When you submit your proposal, you will be given the option to either opt in or opt out of an additional sketch consultation. If you opt in for the sketch consultation, you agree to pay a $50 sketch consultation/drawing fee that will be added to the total cost of your tattoo the day of your appointment. The sketch consultation process is designed to allow you the opportunity to clarify your concept and make changes if you desire. I want you to be stoked about your design, and will try my best to accommodate your vision! 

I will send you a rough sketch or mock-up of your design before your appointment, and you will have the opportunity to request revisions and add your input to the design. Any revisions will be made at my discretion. The more thorough, specific, and considered your initial proposal description is, the more efficient this draft & revision process will be.

Opting out of the sketch consultation means you agree to waive the $50 sketch consultation fee and to NOT receive a sketch for review and feedback before your appointment. (You will still participate in the written consultation via email.) This is a great option for tattoo designs based on pre-existing works from art history, adventurous collectors who believe they will be excited about whatever custom work I come up with, or people who plan to provide extensive photo references and sketches for me to work from. I do not recommend this option for most clients or most designs!

When will I see a sketch of my design? Can you send me a preview before I book or pay a deposit?

I will email you a sketch of your design (if you opt in for the sketch consultation) a few days (generally 2-5) before your appointment. I do not send previews or sketches earlier than this.

Because I create mostly custom work, I create sketches for appointments on a rolling basis as they correspond to upcoming tattoo appointments-- meaning that just because you may have booked your appointment in advance, I wait to create your sketch until your appointment is drawing near. This is simply my booking organization process, and how I am able to best ensure that each design is given the attention it deserves, and to give every client the same set of expectations regarding their consultation timeline. Unless your appointment is less than a week away and you haven't received an email, I am working on other sketches for other clients that week. I appreciate your patience!

The final inked drawing of your design will be available to see at your appointment regardless of whether you have opted in or out of the sketch consultation. At this point, minor design changes may be made at my discretion. Size can be altered limitlessly at no additional cost. If design changes require reworking over half of the inked drawing, there will be an additional $50 drawing fee.

What is your rate? Do you have a drawing or consultation fee?

My rate is $150/hr (+ $50 sketch consultation fee, if you opt in for it.)

My sketch consultation fee (described in answers above) is a $50 flat fee for custom concept work, including an initial sketch/mock-up, one set of revisions if necessary, and one final inked drawing.*

*If you have approved the design and I have moved onto your final inked drawing, there will be an additional $50 drawing fee for any additional changes to the final inked drawing if the requested changes require reworking over half of the inked drawing.

Do you take cards?

Yes, but cash is strongly preferred!

How do you determine a cost estimate for a tattoo? 

The complexity of detail, variety of separate elements, and scale of your design influences the amount of time your tattoo will take. I recommend reading Tenderfoot Studio's "How Long Does A Tattoo Take?" to get an idea of how these factors inform my cost estimate for your tattoo and to identify the ideal budget for the piece you want.  

Do I need to include a numerical "ideal budget" on your Booking form?

Please include your best numerical estimate on this booking form- I want to design a piece for you within your ideal budget range! If you say "whatever makes sense," or "you decide," I may end up creating something way under or over your budget and then we will have to start over! This section on my Booking form is here so that I can design within your range, and determine how to work with you on your concept to have it fit your personal budget.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Shoot me an email about it- I will totally understand! In most cases, I will try to work with you to reschedule if I have room for it.

Your deposit is non-refundable.

I regard your appointment as cancelled if I have tried to contact you with no response the week of your appointment. Expect my follow-up and email confirmation sometime the week of your appointment, and I will be expecting your response as my confirmation from you.

When do I need to arrive for my appointment?

No need to arrive early. Your appointment time is the best time to arrive!

Can I commission you to design a tattoo for me for another artist to tattoo? Can I get a design that you have already tattooed?

Sorry, no. The drawing fee for my work is a special flat rate for clients receiving the tattoo, and the design I create for each client is a custom, original drawing. I have a separate rate for freelance art and illustration, and welcome projects like flyer and album art! To see more of my art and illustration, visit my website ab-moore.com and send inquiries to a.valley.b@gmail.com.

Do you give booking priority to clients you have already tattooed?

That doesn't sound very fair to me! I accept proposals based upon how interested I am in the content/subject of the tattoo, and based upon my personal & professional schedule for that booking period. To get an idea of what kind of proposals are more likely to get accepted, check out my work and follow me on instagram

What kind of ink do you use? Is it vegan?

I use Kuro Sumi (black), and sometimes make a special exception for Eternal Ink (color). Both are vegan and made with plant based glycerin.

How should I care for my tattoo after my appointment?

Please consult Tenderfoot Studio's comprehensive aftercare instruction page

Do you do guest spots in other cities?

No plans at the moment! Let me know if you think you know a great space for me to tattoo in your city.

To keep track of news & updates regarding my booking and travel plans, follow me on instagram at @v_a_l_l_e_y.