Custom Booking is currently CLOSED!  

My assistant and I are working on responding to each and every submission received, but if you have not received confirmation of your appointment date, we unfortunately did not select your proposal for the current booking period (April, May, and June).

Please do not email about booking an appointment for custom work. My late summer books for custom work (July & August) will be opening at a presently undetermined date in late May, at which point my booking form will go public and you may submit a formal booking request.

I will likely be booking a week of August work in Oakland, CA, and will likely not be booking any work for the month of September as I plan to use this month to travel and visit my family and friends on the east coast. Please subscribe to my newsletter below and follow me on instagram @v_a_l_l_e_y for news and updates about future custom booking and spur-of-the-moment flash booking dates!