Currently prioritizing FREEHAND appointments

for December-February at Constellation Tattoo Collective in Portland, OR!

Saturdays-Tuesdays. I will be out of town December 20 through January 5.

I do illustrative custom blackwork tattoos.

My drawing style is inspired by horror & sci-fi comics, psychedelia, art nouveau, and esoteric ephemera, as well as works from print history such as bookplates, etchings, and engravings. I am currently most interested in strange, surreal, magical, and macabre subject matter, ranging from the creatures of myth and folklore, to both earthly and otherworldly landscapes, animals, and plants.

At this time, I am not working with any color ink for custom work.

Some considerations for writing a great proposal:

  1. Specificity. When describing your tattoo idea, choose specific rather than generic language to describe its subject matter and placement. (Instead of "cactus," say "saguaro"; instead of "arm," say "right inner forearm"; etc.) Including links to reference images or thumbnail doodles of your vision for your tattoo will also help me to design for you. These can be included after your proposal's acceptance during our email consultation.

  2. Originality. The more unusual or unique your subject is, the more interested I will be in bringing your concept to life! I want to design an original custom piece for you. I am open to designing tattoos based on works from art history, but I am not interested in pop reproductions (such as characters from comics and animation drawn in their original style).

  3. Budget. My rate is $120-160/hr sliding scale. The complexity of detail, variety of separate elements, and scale of your design influences the amount of time your tattoo will take. Please include your best number estimate on this booking form- I want to design a piece for you within your ideal budget range!

Please also review my sliding scale policy to determine your approximate range on the scale.

Check out my FAQ for any additional booking details and concerns.



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Preferred Name
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By checking the "No" option, you take the standard route for custom work, and agree to pay a $50 sketch consultation fee in addition to the cost of your tattoo the day of your appointment- the sketch consultation enables you to see a rough sketch of your design and to request revisions to your design. Revisions will be made at the artist's discretion. By checking the "Yes" option, you agree to waive the $50 drawing fee and to NOT receive a sketch for review and feedback before your appointment. (You will still participate in a written consultation via email.) This is a great option for tattoo designs based on pre-existing works from art history, adventurous collectors who believe they will be excited about whatever custom work I come up with, or people who plan to provide extensive photo references and sketches for me to work from.